Here today we will discuss Top 5 part time business in village to do without much investment. This 5 business i am gonna tell today you can do with any other jobs and buisness and that’s why i have keep this 5 buisness in the category of Part time business in village.

1. Vegetable Shop Business

Top 5 part time business in village

Food is the most important thing for survival. It is an integral and important element, so much so that food as well as food providers are respected and respected in the country. In fact farmers are called ‘donors’ or food providers, with great respect. However, these food providers (farmers), despite the respect they receive, are only food producers, who focus only on the process of growing crops and taking care of their farms. The important task is to connect farmers or their products with customers or end users of the market. This is achieved by those who sell vegetables and can be called real egg or food providers as they form a link between farmers and consumers.

For the important role played by those who supply vegetables and fresh products to customers, vegetable sales are a great business idea to explore business. Vegetable sales help in providing essential commodities to customers. But the business has the additional responsibility of ensuring that the hard work and labour of the farmers is not wasted and their produce gets good value in the market and that farmers benefit from the great livelihood of vegetable sellers and suppliers.

Vegetable sales business is an excellent business opportunity as it is essential for survival and is associated with daily essentials that’s why i have put this business in number two in the list of Top 5 part time business in village. Further, there is growing awareness about healthy eating, eating fresh food and perhaps eating local products and also increasing demand for newly sourced farm products.

2.Rice Mill Business in Village

Rice is india’s most important staple food exported to different countries. Since rice cannot be considered for its raw form, it needs to be processed. And the whole process of getting rice is processed in rice calls. Rice milling business has potential to export some opportunities, Nextes Selection is one of the providers of pedi/rice milling services. Therefore, it has now become a tech-commercial business.

Gains in rice milling business : Second in Top 5 Part time business in village:

Rice mill business is one of the best options to get the most out of it. Most of the manufacturing opportunities set up by milling businesses are certainly cost effective and profitable. And the profits you get from the rice mill business are relative. The cost of modern rice mill projects is quite high. However, if you can afford it, you can easily make a perfectly standard rice mill. You can also find rice mill solution providers like Nextes Solutions which suggest you know more profit advice. So, it depends on a lot of factors that are loved,

  • Rice Call Location
  • Modern infrastructure or machinery
  • Operating capacity size
  • Layout Plan

3.Sound System Business Model

Although i have taken this business in no 3 on the Top 5 part time business in village list, It’s a wonderful business! Yes, we love the idea of providing sound systems for the world’s best musicians, political leaders, events and high profile corporate events.

Travelling to various foreign places also increases joy and excitement. Really, what doesn’t look good about the noise rental business, that is, if it’s your passion and profession. However, the reality is that it is extremely difficult to make money. And one thing we never planned is profit.

Loudspeaker systems, consoles, amplifire, signal processing and wireless systems all have a dramatic shift in technology, creating pressure for rental company owners to invest new tools to “continue.”

Investing in sound tools is not cheap and is a direct ratio of your vision and growth. ‘Where do you want to go’ and ‘What do you have to do to get you there’ is the most important question you have to ask yourself.

As a sound rental company owner, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to value our products and services. Sometimes, I have worked with event companies and sometimes directly with customers as well. I have seen consistently, regardless of what I am working with, that there was a real problem with pricing. Most companies don’t understand it. Instead, they rely on the market to determine the price and they take a particular job (or let it pass) based on emotional rather than financial responses.

4.GYM Business

Every year, millions join the gym to get fit and lose weight. To be profitable, a gym model usually hovers around several major revenue segments. The most basic is gym membership. However, membership dues or fees are generally not sufficient to make gym owners rich. This is why most of the gms complement their core revenue stream from fitness classes, juice bars, tanning salons, and hiring space to personal trainers.

It is simple to create more profits with gyms. Most of the gms add supplementary revenue as space permission. These “side businesses” are set up to rent space from gym owners, creating predictable earnings streams. For example, gym owners can lease space to the food service business to handle chiropractor, tanning company, massage therapist, or even juice bar.

5.Printing Business

The printing stores offer a variety of print and copy services to the public. These include online printing, direct mail, and business printing. Most printing shops provide additional services to the public, depending on specific needs within the community.

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