Hello My Dear Pig Farmers ,Today In this article we will discuss about the Swine Fever Vaccine for Pigs in india,if you are one of our pig farmer family or you do your personal pig farming business then you may heared about this disease , We also know this disease as Hog Cholera.

Fisrt of all let me tell you about the Vaccine a little bit.Classical Swine Fever is one of the most dangerous pandemic viral diseases of pigs in the whole world.Many governments take it very seriously and they did all they can do and adopt strict control policies against it , which include compulsory vaccination or slaughter and eradication policies.

Research shows that pigs which are not vaccinated are almost suffering from this disease .It causes generalised disease, including fever, malaise, lack of appetite, diarrhoea, paralysis, abortion, mummification and the birth of shaking piglets and the mortality of this disease is very very high .

Fortunately, there is only one serotype of this virus and also it is available in our website .Link is here

Clinical signs usually appear first in a small number of growing pigs which show non-specific signs of depression, sleepiness, and reluctance to get up or to eat. If you get them up for feeding and they also excited for feed and after eating a little then again if they decided to sleep then you should know that this is the first sign of the Classical Swine Fever .

If They walk and stand with their heads down and tails limp then also it is a clinical sign of the disease .Over the following few days these signs get worse and more pigs become affected.

Most of the time affected pigs appear to be constipated but when when it comes to swine fever their waste changes to a yellow grey diarrhoea as the disease progresses. Fisrt some of the pigs may develop inflammations of the eye surface , and this happens to be gets worse and worse and pigs gets one step closer to death.

An early idea of using swine fever vaccine for pigs in india is when they have reached their fever temparature over 42ºC(107ºF).Check regularly the sick pigs’ rectal temperatures for early notice of classical swine fever.If they are all high and reached the maximum tempature and not decreasing suspect CSF.

As the disease continous to grow on a inside a pigs , the pigs gets very thin and very weak , they cann’t even properly walk as the disease increase.First of all Obviously this because of weakness of the pig but later on this because of infection of and damage to the spinal nerves. Partial paralysis of the hind end results in a drunken walk and a tendency to fall to a sitting or lying position. 

Diarrhoea worsens and some pigs vomit a yellowish bile. Some pigs skin goes purple , fisrt part of the body gets purple is their ears and tail, with the snout, lower legs and belly also the back.Most of the time affected pigs die in 10-20 days .Some pigs go into convulsions before death.

The classical swine fever virus can cross the placenta and infect the piglets in the sow’s uterus. Sows that have been inadequately vaccinated that become infected, or sows which become infected with a virus of low virulence, may appear normal but in the time of give birth to shaking piglets many of which die. (Note: there are also other causes of shaking or trembling piglets,but swine fever is high risk and suspected).

If the virus crosses the placenta before the piglets’ immune systems have developed they may be born apparently healthy although possibly weak and may grow on to be persistent carriers without at first showing clinical signs. They shed virus so they are a menace to other pigs. And as the time flows and they reach to perticular age they may develop typical clinical signs but these are likely to be milder, last longer and without the high temperatures.

Virus that infects the piglets in the uterus may cause other effects, namely, death, mummification, abortion or the birth of weak piglets some of which may be deformed. Vaccination of sows during pregnancy with some of the original attenuated virus vaccines resulted in trans-placental infection of unborn piglets with similar adverse results. The newer attenuated vaccines are claimed to be safer.

Low virulence strains of the virus may also multiply in the reproductive tracts of unvaccinated boars or boars which have been inadequately vaccinated. The vaccine virus itself in some of the older attenuated vaccines was thought to do this, resulting in returns to service and abortions.

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