• Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm
  • Best suitable for pig farm
  • Pigbazar recommended this product to mesure pig food quantity
  • best for measuring pig food measure
  • This Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm can take mesure upto 15Kg
  • This Weight Balance Machine has auto turn off system
  • Recommended Pig food bowl Size is 21.5 cm by 17.5cm
  • This Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm comes with High Accuracy
  • Comes with Capacity 15 Kg with High Accuracy of 2 Gram with White Back light LCD Display


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Why This Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm is so important ?

In this era one of the most profitable business is pig farming , as we all know doing pig farming is extremly easy and low investment businessfrom which you can earn upto unlimited revinue simply doing larger scale of your farm.You can do this business no mater who you are you will be able to do itinfact you can do this pig farming busiess as a part time busines. But most important and need to care while doing pig farm is that doing pig farm is easy but maintaning it , its a bit of a pain hard .

Not that hard if you use some advance technical product to your farm such as water nipple drinker, vaccination gun , pig teeth cutter , there are so much products in the market now a days which will help you in the pig farm to make your work extremly easy to dolike those products we are giving you today this product ,This Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm super important to be in a pig farm , why is that ?

let me tell you if you are doing this buisness in a commercial way and you want to make a good profit out of this business then you should have this Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm. Because the main thing is food , the main investment on daily basis on a pig farm is food . whearther you clean you farm daily or not , wheather you visit your farm daily or not , it doesn’t make any differcence , but you can’t skip a single daywithout giving food to your pig .

So as we all learned in pig farming tranning that every step in pig life span i mean if your pig is baby , then they will eat about 0.02 gram in per meal, if your pig is 3month old , it will eat about .400 gram in a meal that way if your pig is grown up about 8 to 10 month it will consume 1 to 1.5kg meal , pig will eat how much you give its a different ball game all together.

But you should be very carefull how much you are giving to them so that you dnt have any wastage of food , in that matter our Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm comes in place

In this Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm you will be able to measure the exact amount of food your pig needs food per meal. That way you dnt waste any food and it will increase the profit for your farm in such a way you can’t even imagine it .So we are giving you this product go to amazon and buy from it .one of the most important thing is that what we are giving you the product you should always check reviews of those products on amazon then only you should buy those.

Some Additiona Feature of the Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm:

You can use this Weight Balance Machine for Pig Farm on kitchen too , because this has a capacity of 15 Kg with high accuracy of 2 gram. The weighing scale is also suitable for small objects with dimensions less than 17-20 cm. It is not suitable for weighing heavy for bigger objects like cylinder etc. It has a super bright white LCD Display for easy readability. The scale has both the options of running by adapter or by using AAA Batteries. The batteries are included in the package.

The weight can also be tared for empty utensils using the tare function. The weighing scale has the option to display weight in both the units – Kg, g, and it can also be used for counting function. It has a Auto Off Feature for saving power. The kitchen scale also comes with an adapter , this adaptor can be used to run the scale directly on electricity without using the AAA cells.

But Please note that this adaptor will not recharge the scale as there is no rechargeable battery inside, it will only run the scale when connected to electricity directly. If you want to use without the adaptor, you can use the AAA cells.