• Swine Fever vaccine for pig which also known as Hog cholera vaccine plays very important rule in pig farming
  • Clinical signs usually appear first in a small number of growing pigs then it will start in larger amount of pig and then it cover the complete farm
  • This vaccine is completely doctor verified and comes from well organized brand .
  • To buy in market Swine Fever Vaccine for Pigs in India is almost next to impossible
  • Delivery is completely cold chain maintain with ice and thermocol box
  • Delivery within 7 Days 
  • 100% Money back gurantee if customer not satisfied.

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Note : Swine Fever Vaccine and Hog Cholera Vaccine are Same 

Why do we need swine fever vaccine for pigs in india ?

Pig farming is one of the easiest and profitable business model in india and everyone can do it even you can do it in the parttime also. Doing pig farming is not the problem but maintaing the farm’s hygine is the crital task to clear. Id you have taken a proper tranning on pig farming then it will be easy for you to maintain farm’s hygine . The main thing about maintaing any pig farms hygine is that you vaccined your animal on provided scheduled . One of the most important vaccine is swine fever vaccine , basically swine fever vaccine for pigs in india must given to all animal , swine fever which is also knwon as hog cholera disease is most dangerous disease in pig farming it can ruin your business by killing all the animals in one shot , so you must vaccined your animal .Research shows that pigs which are not vaccinated are almost suffering from this disease .It causes generalised disease, including fever, malaise, lack of appetite, diarrhoea, paralysis, abortion, mummification and the birth of shaking piglets and the mortality of this disease is very very high .Fortunately, there is only one serotype of this virus and also it is available in our website .

r Vaccine for Pigs in india

What are the main clinical signs of  that we know its time to use swine fever vaccine for pigs in india ?

Clinical signs usually appear first in a small number of growing pigs which show non-specific signs of depression, sleepiness, and reluctance to get up or to eat. That is the time that you should know its time to use swine fever vaccine for pigs in india.In other country clinical signs may appear differently according to environment .

Younger piglets may appear Cold, Shaking and huddle together.Also the disease apper first on the younger pigs then it started to expand to your whole farm.

Initially affected pigs may appear to be constipated but this generally changes to a yellow-grey diarrhoea as the disease progresses. In that time we do not suggest you use local medicine like diarrhoea , instead use swine fever vaccine for pigs in india .

A constant early sign, which persists throughout the disease until just before death, is a high fever, over 42ºC (107ºF)

As the disease progresses the affected pigs become very thin and weak and develop a staggering walk.

Affected pigs die in 10-20 days. Some pigs go into convulsions before death.

Affected pigs may be ill for up to 30 days before they die.

Best Place to buy Swine Fever Vaccine for pigs in india ? is the best marketplace to buy swine fever vaccine for pigs because no one will maintain the cold chain like pigbazar. Pigbazar use a custom made thermocol box to deliver the vaccine with ice pack in it so that vaccine is keep cool until reach to the customer . And dnt worry the vaccine will be cool with this custom made thermocol box for atlest 15 days . That is the reason we suggest you always buy swine fever vaccine for pigs in india from Pigbazar.

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