• Specification: 1.Name: Animal Ear Tag 2.Material: Plastic TPU 3.Color: Yellow 4.Size: As picture show 5. Number: From 1 to 100 Features: – Sign size livestocks or animals, such as cattle, pig, sheep, goat,deer, dog, and so on. Buy ear tag for pig online here to get 60% off on first order
  • Apply in breeding population, epidemic prevention and control, meat quarantine… – All the field of information management for animals and livestocks. Package Included: 100 Sets Animal Ear Tags
  • 100 Percent branded and high quality
  • Great addition to your hobby craft tool kit
  • Perfect product for your saftey and lab supply
  • Good for many applications include industrial, laboratory, personal and hobbies
  • Imported from hongkong
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Ear tag for pig online With Button:

Ear tag for pig online With Button is widely utilized in Pig farms for marking Pigs with unique code for easy identification. It also helps in identifying health of individual livestock & separating diseased ones to safer place to prevent disease spread. This tag is made of superior quality thermoplastic material with engraved codes. Ear Tag is applied by piercing ear and fixing it with help of metal pins. It can also be availed in different colors, shapes, & sizes as required according to choice.And most important thing is that this is very affordable and we always recommend buy ear tag for pig online here 

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