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pig farming or hog farming means when you raise pigs which is normally not a domestic animals, In earlier days pig were in jungle or mountain but in this era people take care of animals as well as people earn investment from pigs ,just like any other animals farm.Unlike In all other animals pig farming is very profitable business for a mankind to make living.Thats the only reason “pig” were first raised by human.Because it is a very profitbale and easy to do the business thats the reason every one seems to does it.Well in this article we will talk about the points are listed below.

1.What is a Pig?
2.What are the types of Pig which is profitable for starting a farm?
3.Types of Pig Farming ?
4.Why Pig Farming is good ?
5.Why Pig Farming is Bad?
6.Is Pig Farming a Good Investment ?
7.How do i start a pig farm?
8.How long does it take to grow a Pig?

What is Pig ?

“Pig” is an animal which is belongs to mammal from Suidae family.Every country or region understand pigs differently although everybody understand that its an animals used to live in jungle or mountain earlier but now its a pretty much domestic animal. If we talk about how everyone refers to pig then,In Britain the word pig refers to all domestic swine or types of pig, at the same time in the USA it refers to younger swine or pigs which is not fully grown or not yet ready for market to sale meat and weighing usually less than 82 kg (180 pounds)

Example or Pictures of Pig:

What are the best breed of pig which is profitable to run a business ?

Duroc Pig

Duroc is a very old breed of reddish-brown colored pig founded in the United States.It is a domestic pig and can be done pig farming with it to make a good investment.Read more about Duroc Pig HERE

Yorkshire Pig

Yorkshire is also called as large white yorkshire because of the size of the pig,it is a big and white .Large White yorkshire is a best and profitable for business, it has largeamount of meat in it , so its very profitable for small business who does this.The well-fleshed Yorkshire is solid white with erect ears. Read more about Yorkshire Pig HERE

Hampshire Pig

Hampshire breed was founded in united states of america.This pig breed is widely used to farm and one of the most important and profitable pi breed if your thinking about starting a farm.Hampshire pig is a domestic swine breed which is completely black but has a white band around the front legs .Read more about Hampshire Pig HERE

Large Black Pig

large black pig is a self explanation breed of pig. This type of pig is completely black and large in size.Large Black pig was dirst founded in British.large black pig was comonly used and was very popular in early 1990s. But after the world war II the production of this pig was impact and reduced in heavy count.People or farmer are inventing some other pig breed for profitable pig farming and got more sucess in this pig farm business.Read more about Large Black Pig HERE

Landrace Pig

Landrace Pig was founded in Denmark.It is the secind most popular pig breed for farming , if you can’t afford large white yorkshire to start your business then go with the landrace pig , this type of pig also has good productivity and also good for live rate selling , in under 6months it gets 100kg. That’s why its alsobest for fattening business.Read more about Landrace Pig HERE

Guinea Pig

The Guinea Pig is also known as cavy.This type of pig is most founded in south america.have strong, short legs with four toes on their front feet and three on the back,Guinea Pigs are also found inhabiting regions of varying altitudes from 300 metres to 3,000 metres above sea level.Read more about Guinea Pig HERE

Ghunguru Pig

Ghunguru Pig breed was founded in North-East of India.It was commonly raised in every single house in assam, nagaland , manipur ,shillong also in arunachal. This type of Pig is black and litle similar with large black pig.

Type of Pig Farming :

Before you think about doing a pig farm you should know how many and what are the type of pig farm is out there.Well if you dnt know and dnt have any clue about type of pig farming then dnt worry i will give you a short description about what are the type of pig farming. There are 6 types of Pig farming mainly.Here is the list and a short description about every single type of pig farming.

1.Free Range Pig Farming :

Well,by the name of free range pig farming it sounds like self explenatory , i mean if you say free range .Any how free range pig farm is a farming style where you need to keep your pigs widely open in land or grass , you can’t lock it under cell.Where pigs can easily move around ,as they want is calle free range pig farming.However its good only if you have small number of pig in your farm because it takes lots of space and manpower to run around the pig and handle or care those pig .

2.Natural Pig Farming :

Natural Pig Farming is a alternative of free range pig farming but its different. In Natural Pig farm you dnt need any large amount of land to start the pig farm.ALso as we said natural you dnt need any fancy food like packaging feed to raised pigs in natural pig farm. Instead of dry packaging feed pigs eats natrual feed like vegetables ,drain water and wastage of hotel. So you dnt need any large investment also in this type of pig farm also dnt require large amount of land as i told you guys before.

3.Free Farmed Pig Raising :

 This type of pig farm is mainly applied in specific regions where in 12months pig gets consitant natural water and feed and most importat sun light.In this type of pig farming grower can go out freely and small pigs have some restriction.

4.Stall Free Pig Farming :

In stall free Pig Farming all pigs needs to keep indoors. They dnt have any free range movement like Free range pig farming , they have very strict rule and restrictions, like shows are kept in indivual stalls or pen also in case of bors and castrate pig they dnt also has any free move permission.However in stalls farming pregnent pigs are kept in some special pen so that they dnt squased their piglets at the time of birth.

5.Outdoor Bred Pig Farming :

in Outdoor bred pig farming pigs are born in outside of farm (As free range Pig farming) also born piglets are grown in outside in groups but they all kept in different cell ( Also in outside).To do in this type of pig farming you need to have or need to select the land very carefully that it has around 20-22 degree centigrade.

6.Indoor intensive pig farming :

Indoor intensive pig farming is a factory model farmimg.This type of pig farming usually does govt. farm because it requires lots of technology based machine,products also require high amount of time and manpower to build this type of farm.Feed plays major rule , all feeds has to be formed and nutrition based like it has to be right amount of protien,iron,calciu and other nutrients to to grow pig in a best form and size.

Why pig farming is good?

Pig farming is one of the most popular and easy to do business in anywhere in the world.It requires minimum effort ,minimum investment .Also you can do this business while running another business ,its very simple and easy.If we talk about Why pig farming is really good? Its all about margin and investmentyou can earn upto 60% profit from your investment money .What i mean by saying low investment is that you can scale up your business from 3 to 4pigs in your farmon the starting day then after 4 to 6month it will give birth to another 40 pigets then boom ….your farm got scaled up to 46 pigs.First 12 months you need to invest little bit of your money and your time then after 12 month business will go in a auto-pilot mode. 

If you dnt get time to look and managing the farm then you can hire a worker for the farm by investing low amount of money.So in the above i have spoken about why pig farming is good also below i will tell little bitabout why pig farming is bad.If you satisfy and ok with this advantages and disadvantages then obously you can start your own pig farm from today.

Why pig farming is bad ?

In the above i have told you why pig farming is good . In this section i will tell you guys why pig farming is bad, dnt take it negatively because every businesshas its own advantages and dis advantages. Its like buisness simple rule if you want to start a new business then first you should look at the bright side and then dark side of the business and then if you ok with both of the side then you can start the business.This theory apply also on the pig farming.

Well dnt think this that pig farming is bad directly because in what basis people say its bad i will tell you now.Most of the farm owner or any one who wants to start a new pig farm then they always think to do this business seriously and you should be doing this business seriously because you have invested in it.Owner who invest lot of money in this business they want to keep their pigs heathy and secured ,to continue with this thinking or system they keep their pigs locked up in a indivisual cell, its called indoor pig farming.In this type of pig farming pigs dnt get any natural nutritions to their body like natural food which contain veggieand other things pigs eat in nature.Also they dnt get direct sun light which again contains lots of mineral,protien and vitamin to natural growth of the pig.

These systems severely limit the ability to express natural behaviours and means these highly intelligent and inquisitive animals often become bored, frustrated and distressed. This, in turn, can result in abnormal behaviour like tail biting.

Now lets talk about little bit of what you can do to prevent this issue , Good housing and good management should also eliminate the need for tail docking.An environment that offers appropriate stimulation and satisfies the pig’smotivation to explore and chew, e.g. the provision of straw or other enrichment, should reduce the incidence of tail biting.

Is Pig Farming a Good Investment?

Yes, Definately pig farming is good investment .There is no high investment , No need fancy place , No need lots of manpower to handle it . You can do this business while running another business or if you are doing another then also you can do pig farming.So yes pig farming is a best side business to earn extra money.

How do i start a pig farm ?

First if you wanna start a pig farming business then you should have the following requirement .

  • Capital/Investment
  •  Select a suitable land
  •  Productive Breed
  •  Employ/Hire Workers
  •  Feedings
  •  Hygiene of the Farm

Or if you want to read deeply how to start a pig farming business in india then READ THIS 

How long does it takes to grow a pig?

A pig takes 6month to fully grown. In 6month pig can grow upto 100Kg if you are choosing right pig breed like large white yorkshire ,hampshire and Duroc .

Online Guide to Pig farming for beginners?

1.Capital/Investment :

First think first,if want to start any business,you should have minimum capital.In pig farming, you should have at least Rs 500000 to start a pig farming, also you can start with low investment but its not profitable ..thats gonna take very long even 3 to 4 years to recover your investment if you spent below of 5 lakh ….If you start with 5lakh atlest your money will be recover with in 1year and from the next year ..your profit will starts showing . A lot of people ask me How to Start a Pig Farming in India or how much capital should i invest first,well consider atlest 5lakh ,if you are planning start a commercial pig farm in india.


 2.Selecting a suitable land: 


Selecting a suitable land is very important part of the question How to Start a Pig Farming in India.You need to make sure that the availability of fresh and clean water near your selected land for pig farming.And another important tips is that near your place,it should have a good transportasion available otherwise in the time of selling and buying pigs from a place to another is going to be very difficult.And the most important think you need too consider is a veterinary service centre or doctor should available near your place.

3.Productive Breed:

There are lot of pig breeds available in the markets ,You need to be very careful while you selecting a healthy and high productive breeds.For a profitable business imported and highly meat productive pig breeds needs to be chosen.This are the easily found pig breeds which is given below

i. Large white yorkshire

ii. Landrace


iv. Ghangaru.

Read the full Guide   Here 

How a Pig farming Housing Plan Shoud Be ?

  • The floor of the house must be 3 x 3 m long to provide a good environment .
  • The floor of the house must be raised about 60 cm above the ground its good for rainy days.
  • The floor boards should have spaces of 2 cm between them ,it is important to keep your pigs calm.
  • The roof must be rain-proof,very very important

Importance of pig farming in points :

  • Capital/Investment
  •  Select a suitable land
  •  Productive Breed
  •  Employ/Hire Workers
  •  Feedings
  •  Hygiene of the Farm

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