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This days pig farming is a trending business in India every farmer seems to does it.Why would’t they?….it is a good profitable business and easy to run the business you can do it as a part time also while you are doing another job. So everybody seems to does it  in india .

Doing Pig farming is not the problem , the main problem is that how you sell your pigs .In india there is no proper market for pigs where you can go and sell your pigs , you can do that if you have small quantity of pig , if you want to do this business in large scale and want to earn the maximum profit out of it then you need to do this business at the large scale . So there comes the problem where you can sell your pigs if you are doing this business at the large scale . Well don’t be sad , today here I am with you with some good news . As you know that  in Bihar there are very high demand in pigs .Suppose you are from Delhi and you have 100 pigs , now if you sale your pigs in delhi you will get maximum Rs 120 Ruppes per kg live weight , but if you sell the same pigs in Bihar you will get Minimum Rs 180 Ruppes per kg live weight and let me tell you it is a minimum price , in Bihar sometimes the price gets so much higher that you could not believe . If you dnt know the cutting price rate of per kg pig in Bihar is Rs 400 Per Kg . So Rs 180 is minimum rate of live pigs . In occasion the price gets Rs 200 Easily Per kg Live Weight .

But one of the most ask question is that how do you sell your pigs in Bihar? How to find the best pig buyers in Bihar? Is there some information on the web which I can use and find the right pig buyers in Bihar? Well the answer is yes . Pigbazar is India’s largest livestock for pigs . The head office of the pigbazar is in North-East so pigbazar can easily help you with Selling your pigs in Nagaland, Manipur,Shillong , Mizoram , Guwahati , Assam , Amguri . This are the main Pig Mandi in India where you can sale your pigs at maximum price in all over india .So all the pig buyers in Bihar are listed in Pigbazar . You can contact Pigbazar support and they will help you out if you want to sale your pigs in North – East . Even pigbazar will help you in every step . They will ask you when you can come after that they will contact pig buyers in Bihar and then give you the exact location , Prices and the dates . If you directly go the Pig buyers in Bihar, you can do that but the problem is after all the travel and loading if you go the Bihar mandi and ask them to sell your pigs if they say we have no buyer today you can come Next Sunday then what you will do? That’s why we always recommend to contact dealer in this case.


Our customer always happy
with our services

My Last Shipment I got Rs 185 Per Kg Live Weight . Thank You Pigbazar for your kind support towards our business


- Raman Chakravati from West Bengal

Pigbazar Saved my Last Pig Batch even in lockdown i got Rs 175 per kg . If someone want to sell pigs go to pigbazar.com and deal with them . Dont go to other fraud agent


- Tamilnadu Piggey Owner

You will get Rs 180 to Rs 190 Per kg and pigbazar will take 1.5% Commision which is not a big amount for their Services .Thank you pigbazar


-Local Shop Owner with Website

Contact us here if you want to sell your pigs in pigbazar , Largest Livestock for pigs in India . We are one of the best and reliable Pig buyers in Bihar. Sell pigs upto 500 per shipment .

Pig buyers in Bihar| Sell Your Pigs in 1 Hour and at 1 Visit

You dnt need to wait and booking from 3months before just give pigbazar a call and pigbazar will give you exact date and time for your shipment within 2 to 7 days

Cash on Delivery Available | Pig Buyers in Bihar |

Do not worry about the payment , you will get your payment once the weighing proces is done , its basically cash on delivery option .You will get your payment once we get your pigs . 

What if you want to sell your pigs in your location ?

If you want you can sale your pigs online with pigbazar too. If you dnt have much quantity and want  to sell it on your location to local buyer then you can watch the video below and follow the process you will understand it all .

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