Pigbazar.com is a platform where you can sale or buy pigs online from your home.Jogen Rabha founded pigbazar.com,The journey start from 2019 when Jogen Rabha was a pig farmer he did pig farming for 1year only and betweeen this one year he faced lots of challanges but good thing is he always noted down the problems so that he can convert into a solution later.The biggest problem in pig farming is that pig farmer don’t get a proper market to sale pigs or don’t get proper price to sale their goods , and even the medicine for pig farming is very tough to get like swine fever vaccine are very rare found medicine in india

jogen rabha

That was the time that change jogen rabha s life , at the time of doing pig farming jogen rabha was also learning programming in PHP language.You can think how different his mind is (where pig farming ,where coding๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„)

Anyway after that he thought he can built a online platfrom where pig farmer can go and sale or buy pigs over internet , they dnt have to go to any physical store or agency to sale or buy their goods and services.Idea was enique because no one was doing that.

After that he decided to quite pig farming and took a pledge that he will help all the pig farmers in india no one has to face problems with sale or buy pigs.

After that he sold his pig farming and invest all the money in a server and started building the platform , it took 6month to build pigbazar.com .He registred pigbazar.com domain name in 2019-08-29 from a german base server.After that it was needed marketing but jogen rabha didn’t have more money to invest in it .So again he learned SEO optimisation it took more 3month to learn basic .When SEO is optimized in pigbazar the site stared to Fly because there was heavy needed a market like pigbazar.

In early 2020 jogen rabha upload a picture of his site ,he mention that it was a time of African swine fever disease , that time it was very sacred or frustrated time for pig farmers because the pig were dying , Every one wanted to sale their pigs in india , so they searched in google where they can find a market to sale , and jogen rabha’s SEO was good at that time every time people search in google related to pigs, pigbazar.com would come into the top and within 24hours the site got 20k hits and page request and jogen rabha server was not that good to handle that amount of traffic and site was crashed.

Jogen rabha Images of site being crashed
jogen rabha

After that Jogen Rabha Run the platform on a new server and handle the traffic, In 2020 Pigbazar and jogen rabha apoint or team up with one more genius Named Asim jyoti rabha and make him Co founder of the company and together they are running the company and expanding ………….