Pig farming is one of the best business in india which you can do as a partime also,and earn up to no limit you can do this business with minimum capital like starting from 30,000 or less.You can do this with no labour also for first 6 months.As you know With an annual production of around 6.5 million tonnes, India ranks fifth in the world in meat production thats why this is the best opportunity for you .If you have the question is pig farming profitable in india? then you have come to right place.

In india desi pigs always has been the cultural business in india, but there are some basic problem with the desi pigs , they are small in size and and growing capacity is very low thats why these years indian are not able to sucessed in pig farming,So thinking is pig farming profitable in india is fair. But its time to change our culture, we can do this business with scientifically with forign breed like Hampshire , Large white yorkshire, Duroc , Large Black, saddle black  etc.this kind of pigs breeds are very good in growing and this will make your profit fly.

There are growth are so fast that they gain their weight to 100kg in just 6 months, this is unbelivable but its true.Now you can calculate your profit , like in 6 month it will cost your around 7  to  7.5 thousand maximum but the price you get is more than half in 100 kg ,in local market the price of a one kilo is 260Rs , 260*100 is equal 26000 thats how you choose your busniess, i think this is the best business if you wanna go to agriculture .

Where we can sell our pig?

As you know that this is digital world ,all the things you do are connected to digital.Pig farming also connected to digital so do not worry about selling or buying .You can sell or buy your pigs online in just one click with pigbazar.com , pigbazar.com is a best way to sell or buy pigs online ,this website is design to help all pig farmers in india or any other country.You can sell your pigs online by submiting your pigs in pigbazar for free .pigbazar.com is not charging any fee from you its completely free.Who are thinking is pig farming profitable in india? , i just wanna say to those people just go to pigbazar.com and see how the pig industry is growing and how fast it is growing , you will find your business there.Here are some tutorials how you can deal pigs online in pigbazar.com 

Is it hard to maintain pig farm?

No , its not hard to maintain pig farm, First thing first you must take a pig farming tranning from somewhere , this will help you grow your busniess scientifically .And it will help you maintain the farm. Let me tell you little about maintaining pig farm .Maintaning the farm is easy all you have to do is ..clean the farm with some antibacterial water like potus water and change their drinking water daily and provide their fresh food.Do not use wastage food hotel , wastage food is bad for your pigs health , it can cause FMD( Food and Mouth Disease ) and loose motion .Loose motion is bad for pigs weight , it will drain your pigs weight 10 to 12% in just 2days .So it is very importand to provide dry feed to your pigs.This is the simplist way to take care of your farm .In the last i just wanna say take care of your animals , animals will take care of your business.This is the golden role of a farmer.


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