Requirement of equipments and knowledge For How to Start a Pig Farming in India

  •  Capital/Investment
  •  Select a suitable land
  •  Productive Breed
  •  Employ/Hire Workers
  •  Feedings
  •  Hygiene of the Farm

1.Capital/Investment :

First think first,if want to start any business,you should have minimum capital.In pig farming, you should have at least Rs 500000 to start a pig farming, also you can start with low investment but its not profitable ..thats gonna take very long even 3 to 4 years to recover your investment if you spent below of 5 lakh ….If you start with 5lakh atlest your money will be recover with in 1year and from the next year ..your profit will starts showing . A lot of people ask me How to Start a Pig Farming in India or how much capital should i invest first,well consider atlest 5lakh ,if you are planning start a commercial pig farm in india.


2.Selecting a suitable land: 


Selecting a suitable land is very important part of the question How to Start a Pig Farming in India.You need to make sure that the availability of fresh and clean water near your selected land for pig farming.And another important tips is that near your place,it should have a good transportasion available otherwise in the time of selling and buying pigs from a place to another is going to be very difficult.And the most important think you need too consider is a veterinary service centre or doctor should available near your place.

3.Productive Breed:

There are lot of pig breeds available in the markets ,You need to be very careful while you selecting a healthy and high productive breeds.For a profitable business imported and highly meat productive pig breeds needs to be chosen.This are the easily found pig breeds which is given below

i. Large white yorkshire

ii. Landrace


iv. Ghangaru.

 Here i will give you one video that will help you to sell or buy pigs online 

Pig Farming FAQ

  • Where can i sell pigs in india?

    Selling pigs is an easy process now , go and list your pigs there intrested buyer will contact you immediately

  • How much profit does a pig farmer make ?

    It depends on how much quantity you have , if you have 10 pigs which is for breeding , you will probabbly make Rs 20000 a month

  • How much money do i need to start a pig farm ?

    It again depends how large you want to be your farm , if starting with 10 pigs then with construction your cost will be around 1 lakhs in india

  • How do i become a sucessful pig farmer ?

    To become a sucessful pig farmer you need to reduce your feed cost. That way you can earn more profit from your farm. Because feed is the main and costly investment in daily basis in pig farm

  • Which breed of pig is most profitable in india ?

    Large white yorkshire pig is most profitable in india .It increases its weight faster than other pig breed.

  • How much do piglets cost in india?

    Piglets cost around Rs 4000 to Rs 6000 in india 

  • 4.Employ/Hire Workers:

    You need to Hire at least 3 workers if your budget is big and planning to having more than 50 pigs. If your budget is low and starting small, you can hire 1 or 2 workers or you can just do it by yourself if you are farmer,if you are not i highly recommended you not to do it by yourself. Remember there is power in numbers (teamwork).

    If your budget is not big enough to afford hire workers, You can take help from your family at first when business starting to flow then you can hire workers.

    5. Feedings :

    Feeding is the most important part of a healthy farm,It is very important to feed your pigs healthy feeds,to start a commercial business with pig.Overall growth ,animal health ,healthy piglets are also depend on the nutritious food supply.

    6. Vaccination :

    One of the most common Reason of not succeding in pig farming business is vaccination must use vaccine for new born piglets and grown up piglets.The main two vaccines are 
    i. Swine fever Vaccine – Online order here
    ii. FMD vaccine – Online Order here-

    6.Hygiene of the farm:

    One of the most important part of starting a pig farming is that maintaing the hygiene of the farm,it is very important to keep your farm clean with antivirus.If your farm is not hygiene friendly ,there is 80% chance that your business is not going to last long. Belive me those are the people who keeps asking me How to Start a Pig Farming in India.

    Why you should start a pig farming in india  

    (1) It creates employment opportunities.for others people and helps you to be a good team leader.
    (2) It gives you financial freedom.You can start a passive income very quickly and be your own boss.
    (3) It is very easy to start.You can start as a part time also while doing another job .
    (4) It gives you a chance to create a monopoly in the market.
    Pig farming can boost the economy of India and helps people to be a self employment.
    Pig farming seems to be a little bit of dirty work but it is very easy and profitable business in india .
    In Order to keep maintaining your farm and keep the standard  you some need some high technology products for your farm like water nipple, pig vaccination gun , tail cutter etc. Below i will provide some of basic pig farming products like water nipple if you intrested you can buy it online from amazon 

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