Classical swine fever (CSF), otherwise known as hog cholera (HC) or just swine fever, is a specific viral disease of pigs. It affects no other species. It is a notifiable disease in most countries of the world.

Mainly in this article we will disscuss about the preventation or how we can minimize this disease to effect our pigs .

Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs
Preventation – Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs

In most national CSF eradication programmes and in countries or states or local regions which are free of the CSF virus, Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs against CSF is not practised and generally is not allowed.

In native and high risk areas the routine of vaccination is practised and may be compulsory in some areas.

Inactivated vaccines were in common use but they may sometimes contained live virus due to inactivated which resulted in infection. Inactivated vaccines have now largely been replaced by live attenuated vaccines by the gov , the most recent of which are relatively safe and effective. Good thing is that Pigs develop protective immunity one week to ten days after vaccination and the immunity lasts 2 to 3 years and the lifetime of many sows and boars

Piglets which are suckled by vaccinated sows receive colostral protection which lasts about 6-8 weeks. During this time they cannot be vaccinated successfully and dnt try to give it because the maternal(which they get from the mother) antibodies neutralise the vaccine virus before it has time to stimulate an immunity.

There is only one mutationally-stable serotype of CSF virus which produces a strong long-lasting immunity and that is Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs The virus in CSF vaccines was attenuated by frequent passage in rabbits (so-called ‘lapinised vaccines’ or ‘Chinese strain vaccines’). These are still available in some parts of the world like here but many vaccines now contain viruses that have been attenuated by continual growth in cell cultures. You can find the right CSF vaccine in our website we do home delivery if you need you can order online here

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Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs
swine fever vaccine for pigs in india
swine fever vaccine for pigs in india

In a restrict region in which the CSF virus is widespread it is usual to blanket vaccinate all pigs over two weeks of age initially. Piglets born to vaccinated sows would be vaccinated over 8 weeks age. This policy usually results in elimination of the virus from that region. As we know we need to see our environment also.

National eradication programmes for Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs:

A number of countries in which CSF was restrict have successfully eradicated it, most notably Canada and the USA, the UK and most EU countries on mainland Europe.

Generally, an eradication policy starts with compulsory large scale vaccination for a minized period to reduce the level of virus in the pig population over the whole world. Vaccination is then stopped and the disease is made notifiable. When CSF is then diagnosed the whole herd and other in contact animals are slaughtered. Theoretically, it would be useful to carry out national serological testing at the same time (as has been done in eradicating aujeszky’s disease)by the permisiion of gov. but vaccination results in almost life-long positive tests. Also, BVDV and BDV infections cause false positive results.

National preventative programmes

Countries which are free of the Classical swine fever virus prevent re-infection from outside by controlling the importation of pigs and pig meat products all over the world, unless they have been well processed and well maintain from regions in which the Classical swine fever virus is still present.And also, swill (waste human food) containing meat products must be sterilised by heating in licensed premises of gov.

The disease is also legally notifiable. If a case does occur the herd is slaughtered, all in-contact pigs are traced and monitored or killed and a standstill order is placed on pig movements in the area around which the case occurred.legally most of the Attempts are made to find out the source of the infection.

This is likely suspect of happen to be illegally imported from another country,states or local region pig meat scraps which have been given to pigs without first thoroughly cooking them,as we first know if we fisrt cook them then it would have clear effect on pig ,all the viruses present in the food would have gone away with the boiling water or with the tempratureof the fire . Other possibilities are the illegal importation of infected semen, the return of unwashed pig lorries from an infected region and contact with wild boar or unprocessed meat.

On-farm precautions:

If your farm is in a country where Classical Swine Fever is native or where there is a risk of CSF occurring consider time to time vaccinating your herd if vaccination is allowed in your country then you should definately look for Hog Cholera Vaccine for Pigs and use them time to time.This will greatly reduce the possibility of contamination.

CSF virus does not spread as readily as some other viral infections (e.g. TGE and FMD). Unlike FMD it is not windborne. Thus the conscientious application of simple biosecurity measures should keep it out of the herd.

SUINING, CHINA – FEBRUARY 21 2020: A worker feeds the piglets in a hog pen in Suining in southwest China’s Sichuan province Friday, Feb. 21, 2020.

If CSF is in your country important precautions include reducing visitors to a minimum, taking precautions against contamination from vehicles, and not allowing pig meat products near any pigs.
Any replacement pigs coming on to the premises should come from known safe sources and should be quarantined. In some areas the disease has become very mild and spread can go unrecognised.
Pig buildings should be protected from stray animals, particularly wild pigs and boars.

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