• This water drinker nipple is made of stainless Steel,
  • Rust-proof and corrosion resistant
  • Providing clean and fresh water for pigs
  • Water saving and effort saving nipple
  • Only need to refill the container once or twice a week
  • Simple structure, easy to use
  • Also can use for cow, cattle, horse, hog, piglet, sheep, etc.
  • Adjustable flow,save water and labor
  • Water will flow out automatically and automatically close when it leaves.
  • Reduce the various diseases caused by water quality
  • Why do you need water nipples in pig farm: Equipment you need for pig farming in india

Why do you need water nipples in pig farm: Equipment you need for pig farming in india

Water is one of the most overlooked nutrition for pigs. Optimal water management contributes toward raising healthy and profitable pigs. The most common mistakes are irregular testing of the water, too few watering points and deviating water flow.A Good and clean water management system provies a good foundation and growth for a healthy pig, but we dnt do that at all , So i am here today to show you how to take care of your pig farm for a successfull and profitable business.Thas why here i am with some of the Equipment you need for pig farming in india.

At the time of birth, the body weight of a piglet is 80% water. By the time the piglet completed 100 kg, water comprises only 51 percent of its total body weight components. This is how we can see that how important water is throughout the life of a pig, as it comprises more than half of its weight.

During the first week of birth, a piglet only drinks milk from the sow. After the first week, however, the piglet starts drinking water. Often the water available to piglets through the water supply system is motionless and warm. Oxygen combined with water can become a source of bacterial infection, such as MRSA, when temperatures exceed 20C . This is why it is very very important that the water in the water supply system be cleaned and clicnically checked before usage of that water.Thats why when you talk about Equipment you need for pig farming in india this product comes first on any search engine.

Selecting a water drinker system:

When selecting a water drinking system, it is very very important to look at the environment around your pig farm, housing system, temperature of the farm and that perticular location for 12 months , feed and body weight of the pigs. Providing drinking water at a temperature below 20C enables adequate intake during hot conditions. So, it is important to provide enough drinking opportunities in each pen. Some pigs continuously intimidate other pigs, preventing them from reaching the drinking point. Therefore, at least two drinkers are recommended for pigs in a group.

Nipple positions in the pen:

The height and position of pig drinkers depend on which type of water nipple you use , type of pig house and the age of the pigs. Nipples are generally mounted 5 centimeters above shoulder height for the smallest pig. However, it is not feasible to measure all the pigs and adapt the height of the nipples continuously. Therefore, bite nipples are mounted on the wall at a fixed height within a given range. In some pig houses a few pig drinkers are mounted at various heights to make sure that every pig has easy access to the drinkers.

Drinking Patterns:

Research tells us that pigs have a well defined drinking pattern. Finishing pigs and sows drink mostly between 3 and 9 p.m. with a second peak between 5 and 11 a.m. Gestating sows drink mostly between 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m., and lactating sows drink during the entire day to produce enough milk. Knowledge of the drinking patterns of pigs is an aid to providing them with enough water during these peaks. The flow rate adjusted by an accurate regulator contributes to supplying pigs with enough water to drink what they require and to mature as healthy pigs.

  • I was pretty excited to get these to make a pig waters using these and a 55-gallon food grade drum. These little things work amazing. My pigs havenโ€™t figured it out quite yet, but i still love them. Awesome purchase.—–By Jennifer E
  • These are just what I needed. Attached to a 55 gallon barrel simply by drilling a hole and screwing in. The only reason I can’t give this 5 stars is because occasionally one of the nipples sticks and allows a small drip.This kind of Equipment you need for pig farming in india, It is rare and honestly it may just be one bad nipple in the pack. Great value, built sturdy, and overall pleased.——By AshleyN__c
  • Unbelievably cheap! Not complaining, as they SEEM to be fairly well made. These are a little more “simple” than the one that I already have, which, I hope, means more reliable (less parts to break/wear out). I haven’t installed them yet, so I don’t know about functionality. I do have concerns that the O-ring might be excessively big. I guess I will find out in a few days.——By Amazon customer


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