In this article we will disscuss about the top 5 affordable and best pig farming equipment in india and also we will share those products buying link if anyone intrested they can buy those product online.Hope you guys like the article .

In this list i have taken the basic but most important equipment list which are few in pig farming but very high demand product .The list is below with Best explaination .

1. Piglet Teeth Cutter

best pig farming equipment in india
best pig farming equipment in india

The teeth of the young pigs are clipped as soon as possible after birth. The piglet is born with 8 teeth as you know. If the teeth are not clipped the sow’s (mother) udder may be injured by the suckling piglets during the time of milking .The pain caused by this disturbs the sow causing her to get up and prevent her young from feeding.

The cuts to the sow’s udder also allow germs to infect the udder. Removal of the teeth also prevents the young pigs injuring themselves while fighting or playing.So you must clipped new born piglet no mater what now as you know why this product is very important for pig farmers and i hope you also notice that why i list this number 1 in the list of best pig farming equipment in india.You can buy this product Here.

2.Pig Vaccination Gun

best pig farming equipment in india
best pig farming equipment in india

As we know that if you are into a pig farming business or any kind of animal farming business , first of all you should always take a best of best tranning for your farm or for your animals from a representative Sector.In pig farming the most important and main role of the business is vaccination .If you maintain your farm with proper vaccination your growth rate is already 45% Higher because there no other risk in this business.So this is the number 2 product in our list of best pig farming equipment in india.You can Buy this Product Here

3.Water Nipple Drinker for Pigs

As you also know that water is main source of Life weather its a animal or human .But the most impotant thing in pig farming is wastage of given water to pigs and quality of water .Quality drinker nipples ensure your pigs have access to fresh drinking water on demand.Water nipple reduces water waste and helps your animals drink easier while you are in sleep .It makes human effort easy .

You Only need to refill the container once or twice a week and water drinker will take care the rest of it.Its a very Simple structure and easy to use.You dnt need any techchnical knowledge for to install or running this.Also you can use it for cow, cattle, horse, sheep, etc.This are the quality which makes this product in our list number 3 or best Simple structure, easy to use .Also you can use it for cow, cattle, horse,sheep, etc.This are the quality that makes this product on our list number 3 or best pig farming equipment in india.

4. Pig Castration Tool

The number 4 best pig farming equipment in india is Castration Tool .Castration is performed by first restraining a young piglet in some manner. Some people sit in a chair and put the piglet’s body between their legs.The pig experiences pain and distress associated with: handling, cutting the scrotum and spermatic cords, and post-surgical pain associated with healing. The post-procedure pain lasts 2 hours or so in piglets and longer in older males.

That is why we donot recommend the old procedure as we know the technology is more smart and upgraded now now there are lot of pig castration equipment available out in the market ,For example with our pig castration tool .With the help of this tool piglets will not be able to experience the Extreme pain and by doing that it will not stop the mental and physical growth of the Pig . As you saw the pig castration tool price is very affordable and convenient so you can go with this tool and our company is 100% confident that your pig will experience 100 times less pain than more tools availble in market .Buy our Pig castration Tool here

5.Ear Tag Applicator

  • The identification requirements apply to all pigs over 12 months of age, as well as those moving to markets and slaughterhouses:
  • All pigs over 12 months of age need to be identified using a herdmark
  • All pigs, regardless of age, moving to a market are required to be permanently identified, regardless of whether their onwards move is to slaughter or another holding. Permanent identification can be by either:
  • an ear tag ( Which we Recommend)
  • a tattoo
  • or a double slapmark
  • Pigs going to slaughter must use an ear tag capable of surviving the processing of the carcase following slaughter. If you are in any doubt about this you will need to check with your ear tag supplier regarding your ear tag specifications
  • Pigs less than 12 months old may be moved between holdings using a temporary paint mark (see below) which must last at least until a pig reaches its destination.

In the above information the only tool that can help you is given below

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