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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the price of a pig?

Answer: It Depends on the Pig.If it is piglet then around Rs5000 per Piglet and If it is Fattener Pig then Rs 15000 Per Pig (100Kg)

2.Why Pig Farming is Bad?

Answer : If you are doing it under proper tranning pig farming is good.Or if you are doing it just for profit without taking any course then it can be very bad.

3.What is the price of pig in india?

Answer:It depends on location if you are from mumbai ,haryana,punjub the live weight of pig is Rs 105 to Rs130 per kg Or if you are from North-East of India then Live Rate is Rs 170 to RS 200 Per Kg

4.Which country has the largest pig farm?

Answer: China , Also china is the largest pig consume country in the whole world.