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Pig farming is one of the most profitable business in assam, well if your are looking to start a pig farming recently then you should do a research on this website.Read some more about how to start a pig farming in india’s various location HERE 

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Why we suggest to do a piggery farming in assam if you are looking to start a buisness:

As we know that doing or running a pig farming business is more profitable in compare to a gov job .
Here, I am shortly describing the main reason why you should start a commercial piggery farming in assam.Well if we talk about scalability or growing facts about pigs , Then you should know that Pigs are grow faster than any other animals in the planet.
They have higher feed conversion efficiency.

That means, they have a great feed to meat converting ratio which leads to faster growth of a pig.They can convert all types of inedible feeds, forages, certain grains byproduct obtained from mills, damaged feeds, meat byproducts, garbage etc.into valuable, nutritious and delicious meat.Pigs can eat and consume almost all types of feed including grains, damaged food, forage, fruits, vegetables, garbage, sugarcane etc.Sometimes they even eat grasses and other green plants or roots,so if we look from the food investment its a great idea to start a business.Pigs become mature earlier than other animals also.

They can farrow twice a year.And in each farrowing they give birth of 8-12 piglets.Well and you all guys are know that one piglet is nearly about Rs 5000 in india.That way if the pig is giving birth to 8 piglets there Rs40000 in hand one the first day of birth you can calculate.
Setting up pig farming business is easy and it requires little capital/investment for building houses and buying equipment.All equipment are very low cost and easily available on online market place like this website , you can shop any kind of pig products on this website here.

The ratio of total consumable meat and total body weight is higher in pigs. We can get around 60 to 80 percent consumable meat from a live pig.Pig meat is also one of the most nutritious and tasty meat. It is higher in fat and energy and lower in water. If we talk about market then it has very large market in north-east of india like shillong ,nagaland etc.Pig manure is a great and widely used fertilizer. You can use this manure for both crop production and in pond for fish farming purpose.

Pig fat also has a huge demand in poultry feed, paints, soap and chemical industries. And this demand is continuously increasing.
Pigs grow faster and has a good ROI (returns of investment) ratio. They reach slaughter age earlier compared to other animal.
A pig become suitable for slaughtering purpose at their age of 7-9 months. Within this period they reach marketable weight of 70-100 kg.Pig meat has a good domestic demand.

We can also earn good income by exporting pig products like bacon, ham, lard, pork, sausages etc. to the foreign countries.Pig farming business can be a great income opportunities for the small and landless farmers, unemployed educated or uneducated young people and for the rural women. In a word, piggery farming in assam can be a great business idea and income source for the people and it can contribute the national income of our country highly.

You can read more about pig farming ideas to build a profitable business piggery farming in assam then you should read this article for more information like in the above


piggery farming in assam