Pigbazar.com is a classified website where you can sell or buy pigs online. This site was launch in 12 october 2019 by Jogen Rabha  .Head office of this company is in India(state –assam,dist-udalguri,city-khoirabari,pin-784522).

These days, jobs means luck.Its really hard to get specially in India because of its population( 1,366,417,754).So government also helpless to provide jobs ,they release jobs in daily basis but could’nt cover that population .So new generation has to think a different way to survive.good thing is in india they all have knowledge about farming that’s why india ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. 

As per 2018 ,agriculture employed 50% of the Indian work force and contributed 17-18% of the country’s GDP.So they all know.

This days pig farming is a trending business in India every farmer seems to does it.Why would’t they?….it is a good profitable business and easy to run the business you can do it as a part time also while you are doing another job.So everybody seems to does it  in india .

We have done some research on pig farming lately,and we find some major problem in this line that..farmer ..they dn’t seems to find the right place or market to sell their goods(pig) .There is no proper market to sell pigs in india .So Jogen Rabha found a way to help Indian pig farmer and Rest is History

We all know that this is a digital generation so ..we created a website or platform over internet  to sell or buy pigs online .We hope that this website will help lots of Indian farmer to sell their goods.Thank you .

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